<br />
I’m also…<br />
An eternal optimist. I choose joy whenever humanly possible.<br />
My life isn’t perfect – but it’s a joy. I love waking up in the morning, knowing that I’m spreading joy around like confetti and helping others live out their dreams and in turn, spread their joy to the world.<br />
I have an amazing day job as a Business Psychologist which I love, and two side hustles which fill my joy cup (and my dream-money pot).<br />
I live the life of my dreams, but I am by no means perfect.<br />
I have wobbles, off-days, and hangry-teenagers days (don’t we all?).<br />
But in all of those, I try my best to choose joy.<br />
Ready to sprinkle joy and fulfilment into your life?<br />
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See you on the inside! 🙂</p>
<p>Julie Begbie The Queen of Happy Side Hustles

Want to Work 1-1 with Julie?

Dreamboard to Reality: Your Personalised 1-1 Side Hustle Support Journey

Are you ready to catapult your dreams into a prosperous side hustle?

Introducing Dreamboard to Reality, a personalised 6-week one-on-one journey where you will be the star of the show. Dive into an experience that’s specially designed to nurture your side hustle dreams and turn them into a tangible reality. With Julie at your side, this journey is high-paced and geared to maintain momentum, ensuring your aspirations take flight.

What Awaits You?

Week 1: Vision and Goal Setting

In the very first week, Julie will guide you in crafting a vivid and aspirational dreamboard. Together, you’ll lay down the strong foundations of your side hustle’s bright future. Embark on a journey mapped just for you, complete with clear, actionable goals and a roadmap to success, setting the stage for an exciting 6-week journey.

Weeks 2-5: Your Customised Road to Success

During these weeks, immerse yourself in a fluid, dynamic plan that adapts to your pace and leverages your unique strengths. This part of the journey, facilitated personally by Julie, is designed to offer you maximum growth, with the flexibility to explore and expand in the directions that resonate most with you.

  • Skills and Strengths Exploration: Delve into your innate talents and strategise how to utilise them effectively in your venture.
  • Flexible Strategy Formulation: Collaborate with Julie to develop a business strategy that’s in perfect harmony with your vision and goals.
  • Brand Building and Networking: Carve out a unique brand and foster connections in your niche, guided by your preferences and aspirations.
Julie Begbie meeting Snoopy at Knotts Berry Farm
Julie Begbie The Queen of Happy Side Hustles

Tailored Mentorship

Throughout your journey, you’ll enjoy weekly 1-1 support sessions with Julie, guiding your marketing, mindset, and momentum. Each week, Julie will be there to bolster your strategy, offering insights and guidance to fuel your progress and keep the energy high.

Week 6: Feedback and Adjustment

As you approach the finish line of this 6-week sprint, join Julie for a collaborative session where you’ll gather feedback and fine-tune your strategy. This session is designed to set you up for a future of resilience and success, shaping a path of continuous growth and adjustment.

Additional Perks:

Access to Side Hustle Success School & Side Hustle Launch School: During your 6-week journey, enjoy exclusive access to structured training programmes that will bolster your skills and knowledge, setting you up for long-term success.


This is an application-only offer to ensure a highly personalised and fruitful journey.
Your investment in this transformative journey is £2997.

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