Julie Begbie meeting Snoopy at Knotts Berry Farm

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The Business Bestie Programme:
Your Personalised 1-1 Business Support Journey

I’ve got a Business Bestie who’s my rock, my go-to guru for everything business! She’s been such an incredible support to me, and it got me thinking… why not share that same fabulous support with you?

So, here’s my heart-to-heart offer: let’s be business besties! Imagine having me by your side, cheering you on, offering tailored advice, and celebrating every win with you. Let’s make magic together. Ready to team up? 💖✨

🌟 Introducing the Business Bestie Programme—your own personalised, one-on-one journey where you are the shining star. Dive into an experience crafted just for you, designed to nurture your business dreams and turn them into glorious reality. Ready to make your business dreams come alive? Let’s do this! 💖✨

Welcome to Your Dream Business Journey! 🌟

Step 1: Define Your BIG Goal

Ready to set your sights high? I’m here to help you craft a vivid and aspirational goal that lights up your path. Together, we’ll build a solid foundation for your business’s shining future. Start your journey with clear, actionable goals and a roadmap tailored just for you, ensuring your success is not just possible but inevitable!

Step 2: Craft Your Customised Daily Plan

Let’s roll up our sleeves and design your daily blueprint for success! Together, we’ll develop a checklist of specific, measurable tasks tailored to fit your available time, play to your unique strengths, and sprinkle extra joy into your day. 

Step 3: Overcome Obstacles

Ever find yourself in your own way? It’s time to change that narrative! We’ll dive into your habit patterns and identify potential pitfalls before they happen. I will arm you with a robust set of psychological strategies to overcome self-sabotage and boost your self-esteem, so you can confidently live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you ready to transform your dreams into a prosperous reality? Let’s make it happen, together! 💖✨

Julie Begbie meeting Snoopy at Knotts Berry Farm
Julie Begbie The Queen of Happy Side Hustles

Tailored Mentorship

Throughout your journey, you’ll enjoy monthly 1-1 support sessions with me, guiding your marketing, mindset, and momentum.

You will also have unlimited access to me via voice notes/WhatsApp so I will be in your pocket when you need me. Never feel stuck or overwhelmed again. 

I will be there to bolster your strategy, offering insights and guidance to fuel your progress and keep the energy high.

Additional Perks:

Access to Side Hustle Success School & Side Hustle Launch School: While you are in the Business Bestie programme, enjoy exclusive access to structured training programmes that will bolster your skills and knowledge, setting you up for long-term success.


This is an application-only offer to ensure a highly personalised and fruitful journey.
Your investment in this transformative journey is £497 for one month or £997 for three months support.

Are You Ready to Unstick Yourself and Create the Business of Your Dreams?

Develop the strategy and confidence to transform your big dream into a living, breathing venture, all under the expert guidance of Julie. This personalised 1-1 support journey is your ticket to a flourishing business, built with momentum and of course designed to bring extra happiness to your life.

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