<br />
I’m also…<br />
An eternal optimist. I choose joy whenever humanly possible.<br />
My life isn’t perfect – but it’s a joy. I love waking up in the morning, knowing that I’m spreading joy around like confetti and helping others live out their dreams and in turn, spread their joy to the world.<br />
I have an amazing day job as a Business Psychologist which I love, and two side hustles which fill my joy cup (and my dream-money pot).<br />
I live the life of my dreams, but I am by no means perfect.<br />
I have wobbles, off-days, and hangry-teenagers days (don’t we all?).<br />
But in all of those, I try my best to choose joy.<br />
Ready to sprinkle joy and fulfilment into your life?<br />
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See you on the inside! 🙂</p>
<p>Julie Begbie The Queen of Happy Side Hustles

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Julie Begbie meeting Snoopy at Knotts Berry Farm

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