Julie Begbie is the founder of Happy Side Hustle

Her superpower is helping unfulfilled career women to uncover what makes them happy in life and work out how to monetise it as a side hustle.

Julie loves her day job as a Business Psychologist and Business Coach. It makes her happy and it pays the bills. She needs to make sensible decisions with that money, emergency funds, insurance, pensions… she has a side hustle to fund her holidays.

It is ‘bonus’ money that can be spent on the fun stuff.

Julie LOVES a holiday, especially a Disney World trip. She always likes to be on a countdown to her next one and as she gets older, she loves a bit of luxury.

She is regularly asked how she worked out what to do for her ‘happy side hustle’ and how she set it up, so she has developed a step by step programme to help others do the same and to promote #MissionHappiness rippling happiness to the world.

Julie is all about joy and she highly encourages happy side hustlers to use the money generated for stuff that brings joy – like dream holidays.

The world is just a better place when everyone spends more time feeling joyful.

Book Julie as a Guest Expert


Do you have a community or following of women who are not currently entrepreneurs and might not be living their most joyful lives?

You can add value by having Julie Begbie, The Happy Side Hustle Queen as a guest expert for a live conversation and training.

Julie can talk to your audience about the following subjects:

1. Five Habits to Consciously Create a Happy Life

2. From ‘Meh’ to Motivated: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Business

3. The Reluctant Sellers’ Secret to Success: How to Find Joy in Selling

4. Psychological Leap: How to Move Beyond Excuses to Success

5. How to Uncover Your Passion or Gift and Turn it into a Happy Side Hustle 

These live conversations are filled with proven strategies for developing confidence and happiness alongside step-by-step practical advice that works.

If you are looking for new ways to add more value to your community, click the button above to enquire about booking Julie.

Julie Begbie Media Information Packet

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Julie Begbie, based just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, is a dynamic Happiness Psychologist and the creative force behind the Happy Side Hustle. With a passionate commitment to supporting individuals in finding joy and success in their entrepreneurial journeys, Julie brings a unique blend of psychological insight,  practical business advice and a sprinkle of happiness to her audience. She is known for her engaging storytelling, which she uses to share strategies, experiences, and tips for building a fulfilling side hustle without compromising happiness.

Common Talking Points And Questions for Hosts:

  • The Happy Side Hustle Journey:
    • What inspired you to start your side hustle journey?
    • How many side hustles have you had?
  • Business Psychology Insights:
    • How does your background in psychology influence your approach to side hustling?
    • What psychological strategies do you recommend for overcoming common entrepreneurial challenges?
  • Balancing Act:
    • How do you balance the demands of a side hustle with personal well-being?
    • Tips for maintaining motivation and mental health while side hustling.
  • Growth and Development:
    • What has been your most effective strategy for growing your side hustle?
    • How do you use your psychological expertise to foster growth and resilience in your business?

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