1) Can you give me a bit of background/intro to you?

Hi, I’m Barbara, I live just outside Edinburgh, I’m 45, live with my partner, my 4 yr old son and 2 cats. I work in IT usually, but my contract finished just as covid struck and the job market seized up. I’ve done hypnotherapy in the past – I qualified 10 years ago, but didn’t feel I had the time or energy to continue with it since my son was born.  I didn’t realise that I had that and other options for doing ‘something different’ flying around in my head, until I did the 5 day challenge.


2) How did you find out about the 5 day side hustle challenge?

It kept popping up on my LinkedIn and Facebook feeds – I think it took a few views and a bit of thought before I decided to take action.


3) Why did you decide to join?

I had been unemployed for a month or so (indirectly as a result of covid and bad timing) and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen job wise. I’ve always wanted to do something ‘on the side’ but hadn’t put any time or energy into it.  I guess the ad spoke to me, and I felt I’d have some time to spare, so I could give it the attention it deserved. As is often the case with me, I’ll ponder and then take a spontaneous decision to do it! I’ll admit to being a little sceptical about it, but figured, it’s free, I’ll see what happens.


4) How did the tasks make you feel, how was it day to day and overall?

I’m not the ‘average’ side hustlee – I came up with more of a service based hustle, whereas most of those attending were more ‘crafty’ types, but the challenge principles can be applied to services as well as products. I loved the energy in the group and have stayed in the group for the last 3 months and feel genuinely supported.

Each day was a challenge and really made me think – to the point that my head was overloaded every day. It was quite overwhelming but it was really motivating and I actually took action, spurred on by the other lovely supportive hustlers and of course Julie who is the wind in our sails.


5) Would you recommend it to others and if so, which type of person do you think would benefit/enjoy it?

I loved it. I’d recommend to anyone who has a desire (however deeply buried!) to do something they love, that brings them joy, to earn a bit of extra money, to feel part of a group of people who are genuinely out to help one another.


6) What is your final side hustle idea?

I’d used hypnotherapy recordings in the past to help me get to sleep at night, and to help with anxiety and grief. I found myself using them again when covid came knocking, and have been sleeping much better and longer as a result. I realised that there could be other people out there who were also struggling and that, as a qualified hypnotherapist, I could help them too… and so Fuzzyhead ( was born!

I offer hypnotherapy recordings of various kinds (as well as 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions) top help with sleep, anxiety and loneliness.

My website has all the details, but I’m also on Facebook ( and Instagram (


7) What is your next immediate challenge for the next month or so and can we check back in with you to see how you are getting on?

I’ve just put my website live last week, so I’m now trying to build up some followers, and get my name out there. I’m particularly trying to advertise my free recording available for NHS and Social Care workers. I felt that was something I could do as a small thank you.


8) Did you join the Happy Hustle Hive Paid Membership and if so how is that helping and how will it help in the future?

The Hive really focussed me on getting all the details in place, once I had the idea, with day by day tasks to complete. It made sure I had everything ready to make it a genuine business (no stone left unturned!), and Julie and the group held my hand through each stage to make it happen, but most importantly gave me the right mindset – telling me I was good enough to do it! 

I went through the course content twice as I changed my hustle idea halfway through the first time (doh!) but by the end of the second 8-week Set Up Your Side Hustle programme, I had my business live. 

And I’m staying in there for the foreseeable because I choose to hang around with such supportive people!

You can check out Barbara’s side hustle here: