1 – What inspired you to start your side hustle, and how did you come up with the idea?

I wanted to be able to make my passions in life a reality. The older I have got the stronger that mission has become.  I think the longer you have been around the more you see what the world lacks and you want to change it.  I also wanted to be able to support my family and myself without my soul-destroying day job. No more corporate life is the ultimate aim.

2 – What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when launching your side hustle, and how did you overcome them?

Coming up with a voice for my vision and creating something from that.  I had so many ideas but I also had to be realistic. I love that my hustle has evolved with me it’s a beautiful thing

3 – How has your side hustle positively impacted your life, both personally and professionally?

It’s been a squiggly journey and I have wanted to throw the towel in often with all the frustrations with funding and the hoops they make you jump through however last year I decided to spread my wings outside my local area and now we have grown to 7 programmes running at one time and now we can go with a new programme idea and we are listened to and as we are specialists we don’t have much competition.. It’s helped us develop a fulfilling role for our associates, feeling grateful, don’t worry as much about funding. My positivity is off the charts as I feel amazing as we are making a REAL difference in so many lives. We have made enough to invest in ourselves, our trainers  and the business and enjoying having more time to work on myself and on the business. I’m now strategic rather than operational.

4 – What do you think sets your side hustle apart from others in your industry?

I’ve grown in confidence, found my authenticity and learned so many tech skills I had no idea about. But best of all I have a whole new family in the Bees.

5 – Can you share a success story or proud moment from your side hustle journey so far?

I’m sure there are many more to come but I’m super proud of my journals.  I learnt a lot creating them and the response I got from the gorgeous people that bought them was amazing.  Truly humbling.  Taking the leap from journals to my current self-awareness mission was big and scary but I know it is the right thing.  I get the biggest joyful buzz when I know I have helped someone see how truly amazing they are.

6 – What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting their own side hustle?

Feel the fear and do it anyway.  If something is really meant to be I will be scary but that’s just because you are out of your comfort zone.  Learn as much as you can about who you want your future self to be and then BE that person you won’t regret it.

7 – Did anything almost stop you going ahead with a Happy Side Hustle?

What changed your mind? My inner critic was always in the back of my mind. Even when I was doing that first challenge. But I believed Julie when she said anything is possible.  I don’t care what Sharon from school thinks anymore and if Walt and the Colonel can do it so can I.

8 – What’s next for your side hustle, and where do you see it going in the future?

Big things,  I’m starting online events in the summer and have plans for an in-person retreat as soon as physically possible.  Already have it booked out with Bees wanting to come and feel the bliss.

9 – How has being around Julie and part of the Happy Hustle Hive helped you achieve your goals?

Julie is just so inspiring.  You can never have enough Julie time.  It also helps to know my plans are in the Inner Circle Book of Doom so I have the best accountability ever.  

10 – What’s your favourite thing about being a side hustler, and how has it impacted your life in a positive way?

The Joy. I have always been a positive, the glass isn’t half full it is refillable person but being a side hustler with the Bees has skyrocketed that to beyond the stratosphere.  I genuinely believe that I am who I am in part because of what I am lucky enough to share with all of you.  Love you all to the end of time and back again.