1) Can you give me a bit of background/intro to you?

I have a very varied background. I have a degree in costume for the stage and screen and was a professional costume designer and wardrobe supervisor for 10 years. I then transitioned into teaching Design Technology for a bit and now I’m an IT Administrator for a small charity. I’ve tried to have creative side businesses in the past but they’ve never taken off and in my current role I miss a bit of the creativity my other roles had. I’m also a massive beer geek and for fun during lockdown I had studied for and passed the first level of a professional beer qualification.

2) How did you find out about the 5 day side hustle challenge?

I had been thinking about how to get more creativity into what I do and had seen some freebies from other people about laptop lifestyles and having side businesses. I must have looked at some of these for Facebook to kick up an ad for Julie’s 5 day challenge. I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could work out a side hustle. After all it was free and it couldn’t hurt!

3) Why did you decide to join?

I decided that I would try to really commit to the challenge and get everything I could out of it. I got a nice notebook and filled two pages of thoughts for the first task. But it was during the first live with Julie that I basically had an epiphany – I could use my beer knowledge to help other women be more confident in their tasting skills. It was something that I had struggled with but been determined to learn about and build my confidence. One of the main reasons I took the beer qualification was to be able to say I knew what I was talking about when it came to beer. But your average woman beer drinker doesn’t want to or have the time for that. If I could build a female-friendly beer school I could really help some people enjoy one of their hobbies more. This helped me really commit to the challenge because I was passionate about this idea and helping other people like me.

4) How did the tasks make you feel, how was it day to day and overall?

It was the perfect amount of balance of the tasks being at 6am so I could listen before work, think about it during the day, answer it after work and then consolidate it with reading what others had posted and watching Julie live at night.

5) Would you recommend it to others and if so, which type of person do you think would benefit/enjoy it?

I would, and have, recommended Julie’s challenge to other people. You know you want to do something, but not sure where to start. By doing the challenge you really delve into the things you are good at, the things you are an expert on and what you are passionate about – other people want those things too! This is for anyone thinking they want something a bit more in their lives. Julie will help you find it!

6) What is your final side hustle idea?

‘Love Beer Learning’

My final idea is Love Beer Learning, my beer school, where I am The Beer School Lady. I’m going to be offering beer tasting courses, live tastings and other fun beer related content.

7) What is your next immediate challenge for the next month or so and can we check back in with you to see how you are getting on?

I am about half way through delivering my first beer tasting course – Build Your Beer Vocabulary – which has 4 live tasting sessions. I’ve also started a podcast with another like minded beer loving lady where we put out an episode a week. I plan to offer the course again and I want to build a membership for people that will help them build their beer knowledge. They will get early access to the podcast, a vault of learning resources that we will build together over time and live sessions once a month. I also want to offer gift options for my course as Christmas present ideas.

8) Did you join the Start Your Happy Side Hustle Hive Paid Membership and if so how is that helping and how will it help in the future?

I thought long and hard about signing up for Start Your Happy Side Hustle and becoming a Member of the Hive and it has been invaluable. Not only do you get daily tasks that help you build your business properly (all the help with tax, insurance and things like that is amazing) you also have the rest of the bees for support. When I’ve had wobbles I’ve let the others know and we all rally round each other to help out. We also share business info we find and it’s just a lovely community of like minded ladies who all have the same goals at the end of the day. I love it and Love Beer Learning wouldn’t exist without it!

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