Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in Dorset, 56 years old. Worked as a Lab Tech then a florist for 20 years then in fashion retail last 8 years till I was made redundant in 2019. Married with 2 boys 19 and 22 years old. Love gardening, growing soft fruit and making jam, crafting, walking, car boot sales, vintage stuff and charity shop obsessive.

How did you find out about Julie and Happy Side Hustle?

Saw Julie’s challenge on FB and took part in July 2020.

Why did you decide to join the challenge?

I’ve always made things and thought I could perhaps make some money from it but had too many ideas and didn’t know what to pick.

How did the tasks make you feel, how was the challenge day-to-day and overall?

Made me realise how many things I liked doing and made me in “flow” just had to narrow it down. I struggled with asking other people about what they thought I was good at but actually that one really helped my confidence and made me think in a different way.

Would you recommend it to others and if so, which type of person do you think would benefit/enjoy it?

Yes would def. recommend. It makes you focus on what will work for you. I think anyone could benefit if you go in with an open mind and do the tasks.

What is your final side hustle idea and share your shop/website/social media links.

‘Amy and May Vintage’ for my handmade and refurbished vintage hats on Etsy.

‘Amy and May’ on Facebook

And now ‘Amy and May’ on eBay selling charity shop finds mostly clothes especially dresses

What is your next immediate challenge for the next month or so and can we check back in with you to see how you are getting on?

Setting up my Etsy shop properly and listing more items. Improving the photos for that. Getting back on Instagram and Pinterest and posting consistently.

Did you join Start Your Happy Side Hustle/The Hive and if so how is that helping and how will it help in the future?

Yes I joined the Hive and it’s the only reason I’m still going now otherwise on my own I would have given up on my hats. The inspiration from other people’s successes keeps me going and I believe I can do it even if it’s very slowly.

Have you tried to set up a side hustle before? If so, how did you get on?

Yes I ran a wedding flower business for 10 years from home while my boys were young. It gave me some money of my own and really gave me a buzz when I got a new booking and so satisfying when I finished a wedding and got great feedback. Very stressful though and wouldn’t want to do it now..don’t know how I managed it then to be honest!

Share your 3 favourite things about being in The Hive and 3 favourite things about your side hustle.

Being in the Hive

My 3 favourite things about The Hive are:

  1. So many different interesting side hustles that people run
  2. Inspiring
  3. Learning so much from other people

My side hustle

My three favourite things about my side hustle are:

  1. Learning new skills
  2. Feeling creative but with a purpose
  3. Making some money!