1) Can you give me a bit of background/intro to you?

I’m 53, living in Wiltshire. I’ve 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren and I work full time in Customer Services for Wiltshire council. I’ve always been a bit arty crafty with a love of textiles and colour and it’s something I’ve always done, from when my kids were small I’d have a go at making anything I could otherwise not afford to buy (Xmas decorations, gifts, soft furnishings, watercolour paintings, candles…you name it!!). I even had a go at starting my own business making patchwork cushions, bags and hats (my mum was my best and sometimes only customer) before settling for the security of a full-time job. But always kept my hand in making Xmas presents and gifts for family.

2) How did you find out about the 5 day side hustle challenge?

I found out about Julie’s 5 day ‘Find Your Side Hustle Challenge’ on Facebook from her ads. 

3) Why did you decide to join?

I decided to join because I was already getting interest on my social media about the things I was making from my posts. I was already considering trying to make some extra income to supplement my monthly wage for extra’s for home improvements, so it came at the right time. It was free and looked fun. Also, changes in my working day have given me extra time to pursue my crochet – that and a growing sense of dissatisfaction with my job itself…I’d have gone crazy with it had I not kept busy with my projects.

4) How did the tasks make you feel, how was it day to day and overall?

I found the challenge great fun and easy to incorporate into my day. Full of straightforward advice and easy to apply, I was excited to see what was next. The support and input from others in the group was fantastic and it was great to share info and experiences with other like-minded women.

5) Would you recommend it to others and if so, which type of person do you think would benefit/enjoy it?

I would absolutely recommend the challenge to anyone who, like me, has a passion for whatever they already enjoy, believe they have more to offer but don’t quite know what or would like to do more of what they love and monetise it.

6) What is your final side hustle idea?


My final hustle idea was to make and sell handmade crochet items. Although I decided on mainly hats during the challenge just to keep it simple and manageable, I make much more and am currently working on crochet Christmas tree decorations. 

7) What is your next immediate challenge for the next month or so and can we check back in with you to see how you are getting on?

My immediate challenge is finding the time to set myself up ahead of Christmas & come up with a brand and logo. I have the tools but often find I need to step back as I’m a big overthinker and probably too much of a perfectionist. Also, I can love the product I’m making at the time but can get a little too self-critical and worry that it’s not quite good enough…

8) Did you join the Start Your Happy Side Hustle Hive Paid Membership and if so how is that helping and how will it help in the future?

Yes, I joined.

The Hive is helping with the above. I’ve got a little behind on the tasks due to recent personal & family commitments, but the great thing is all the tasks are there to pick up and tackle at any time as and when you need them. Also, the support in the group is just amazing should you need it & I definitely should dip in more.

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