1) Can you give me a bit of background/intro to you?

Hi, I am a 36 year old stay at home mum with one daughter, Harbour, and she is two.  I’ve always loved art & craft and now I love incorporating it into our days and letting Harbour get messy. I find art helps me relax and expresses my creativity.

2) How did you find out about the 5 day side hustle challenge?

It popped up on my Facebook feed. I’m not quite sure how as no friends of mine had done it. Perhaps as I’m a member of craft groups.

Julie has magical ways to reach target audiences so I guess she used her magic!

3) Why did you decide to join?

Something inside me said ‘Do it’ and it just felt right.

I flick past loads and loads of free courses and challenges but this one just stood out. If felt too good an opportunity to miss.

I’d been looking at getting back to part time work as my little one goes to preschool now. But finding the hours around childcare is hard and I want to be home in case she needs me.

4) How did the tasks make you feel, how was it day to day and overall?

During the first challenge I was hooked. The first live was just so so engaging. It was in June, so during lockdown.

I’d look forward to each evening as the group of women very quickly became like a group of friends.

Julie is so engaging and charismatic. She is a joy to watch. We’d have such laughs and it was a great experience.

I started wondering if I could turn my hobbies and love of crafting into a part time income and left with so many ideas.

We got to think about all the fun stuff, names of business, logos, Colours, our ideal customer.

5) Would you recommend it to others and if so, which type of person do you think would benefit/enjoy it?


I would 100% recommend it. What have you got to lose? It’s free and takes up just an hour a day for 1 week. But can be life changing.

It will suit someone who has a hobby/craft or a skill they would love to share.

Some hustlers had fascinating skills or knowledge in specialist areas and were setting up side hustles teaching others their skill.

So anyone who makes something or performs a task that could be taught to others or perhaps has specialist knowledge that they would love to share.

Even if you don’t decide to move the idea forward it is just a fun week full of laughs and banter.

6) What is your final side hustle idea?

‘Coastal Cottage Creations’

making heartfelt pieces from the beaches of Dorset.

Foraging and beachcombing, finding inspiration from beautiful pieces I find.

Encompassing that romantic sentiment of a holiday, a walk by the coast, time by the sea.

7) What is your next immediate challenge for the next month or so and can we check back in with you to see how you are getting on?

Getting stock ready for Xmas

Getting better photographs done

Getting my Etsy shop updated

Trying to do more advertising, marketing and getting my products out there

8) Did you join the Start Your Happy Side Hustle Hive Paid Membership and if so how is that helping and how will it help in the future?

Yes I joined the Start Your Happy Side Hustle programme that allows me to be a member of the Hive. 

The Hive is great. I thought I’d be having to ask Julie loads of questions but the daily tasks are set out as such that everything becomes clear as you just work through the tasks.

She is always there and on hand to answer anything. Thursday night is our Thursday night live, our hang out time and it’s nice to hang out with friends and chat about our hustles.

It is just a really well thought out sequence of daily tasks that creates a pathway and guides you along this pathway where your Side Hustle kind of creates itself. Minimal effort each day really, half hour to an hour max.

And it all just starts to add up!

You can see Rachel’s makes at and at